Welcome to the Mapua Institute of Technology,
BS Chemical Engineering, Class of 1963 website!


It has been a long time. We traveled a long way - 50 years since we graduated from Mapua Institute of Technology. Yes, we finally graduated and we were a proud bunch of chemical engineers with our sight in the future.

Since then, we traveled our own separate ways and we grew apart. We became a very diverse group of people. Some of us migrated to the US, Canada, Europe and a bunch of other places. Some of us chose to stay home in the Philippines and try to help our country and the Filipino people. Some of us chose to build their own businesses and a lot of us took the safer path of seeking employment. We did become a very diverse group and the future that we were looking forward to 50 years ago have come upon us.

While we grew apart from each other as we traveled our own separate ways and our life journey presented us with different challenges and experiences, we are still one group. We are Mapuans and we proudly belong to the CHE Class of 1963.

At this point in time - half a century later, the thought of seeing you again, takes us for a walk down memory lane, reminiscing the camaraderie and our good times together. This is the tread that binds us together and this site is to nurture that tread, make it stronger and to locate everybody on the group.